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Steam Cleaning Throughout Your Home
19Apr 2014
Steam Cleaning Throughout Your HomeSteam is a cleaning method that few really use properly, or at least to its fullest abilities. You would be surprised at the amount that you can clean with steam, as it is a very versatile method for house hold cleaning. With the varieties that there are in cleaning with steam, you will find that there are varieties in the tools that you need for it, from large floor steamers, to hand held surface steam cleaners. These are all useful tools for the home, and it is well worth doing a little research in to the various oddities of steam cleaning, simply so that you are as well versed in the techniques at play in the world of the steam cleaner!For a start, you may be wondering why on earth you would want to forego your sponge and cleaning products in favor of hot water vapor! Well, steam is great because it does not need any detergent or chemical cleaners to work. You will be able to get your home looking spotless without needing any chemicals for the most part. The combination of heat, pressure and moisture is the secret to the cleaning power of steam, and you will find that such a combination is very useful when you are cleaning around the house. The water in the unit is heated up to boiling point, and upon release, a jet of steam is pushed form the end of the cleaning unit, which you then direct at the area that you want to clean. On hard surfaces the heat of the steam breaks down the adhesive bonds in the dirt, loosening any marks and grease up, and the mess can simply be wiped away, aided by the pressure of the steam itself, and the added moisture that comes from the vapor cooling on contact with the air. The heat also kills pretty much all bacteria that can be found on the surfaces in your home as well, which is better than pretty much all household antibacterial cleaning products.This essentially Emerson that you can clean and sanitize your home using just water. Many people try to avoid using too many chemicals in their home, as sometimes the chemicals in the cleaning products are more dangerous than the dirt that you are trying to get rid of! For the most part, steam can eliminate the need for such harsh chemicals, as its heat is its main power source! If you are doing this for environmental reasons however, you should consider the added issue of electricity, which is not used in normal cleaning as much as it is in steam cleaning. You should read up on the specifics of the materials that you can clean with steam, as there will be certain special materials that don’t mix well with extreme heat, like delicate woods, fabrics, metals and ceramics. Many more normal household surfaces can be cleaned easily with steam however, which makes bathroom, kitchen and many other areas of cleaning throughout the home a great deal easier! Be aware also that you may need different types of steam cleaning unit for different jobs. If you want to clean a kitchen work top, you will need a hand held unit, but for a large tiled floor, you will need a larger unit, as otherwise you would be on your hands and knees for hours! Be sure to do your research on the various sizes and shapes that can be bought, and don’t spend any money until you are completely sure of your decision.