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     I booked WestKensingtonCleaners to take care of my living room sofas and armchairs. Their cleaners knew exactly what they were doing with the chairs and they did a fine job. My sofa feels brand new which saves me from having to buy a new one, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid in the first place. The cheap service they provided also means I could afford a new sofa, even though I don't need one now.
Caroline Conway15/09/2017
     Cleaning an office is a lot of work, but it is a necessary chore. My workplace found the solution to this in the form of West Kensington Cleaning Services. We have them take care of all the tough cleaning problems for us and we can focus on our usual work. They did an excellent job and made the office cleaner than ever. First rate service.
Kyle Baker 24/09/2015
      West Kensington Cleaning Services have been a great help with my end of tenancy cleaning. I wanted my entire move to go well, so I got help from the best for each job. I had movers to help me pack, shift and transport goods and I had this team to help with the clean. They did a thorough clean of the whole house, seeing to the floors, walls, remaining furniture, any stains and more. They made the house immaculate and I'm sure the new owners will be happy when they see how clean it is.
Martha Dean31/07/2015
     I have tried out so many cleaning companies for my office, but none could do the kind of cleaning job that I found satisfactory. At last, someone suggested I check out WestKensingtonCleaners. I had my doubts about them at first, but I decided to give them a try nevertheless. I am so glad I did though! I think I found my perfect cleaning team with them. I just had to outline what I needed from their service and the end of the day, they had gone far and beyond my expectations! Kudos guys, brilliant job done! Count me in your regulars now!
     As an independent estate agent I often need cleaning companies to carry out end-of-tenancy cleans or cleaners to prepare properties for viewings. I have been using the services of WestKensingtonCleaners for some time now and have to say I would never look elsewhere. Your company understands the importance of value for money as well as reliability and competence required in my industry. Dare I say that your team of cleaners have helped me when selling properties to new buyers! Great team and great work!
Stephanie R.15/01/2015
     End of tenancy cleaning. I knew it would be problem for my move but I'm happy to say I was wrong. I thought I wouldn't have time for to it wouldn't be done properly but it was. This all happened because WestKensingtonCleaners could help me. Their cleaning team came to my home and did everything in a day while I carried on with the move. I was impressed immensely by them and thank them for saving my move.
Terry Yates18/12/2014
     The most difficult thing about managing student properties is making sure that things are kept clean and tidy. I've come back to fridges full of mould, floors that are sticky, ovens that are coated in grease and congealed fat and bathrooms that are filled with limescale. The most sensible thing I did was ask WestKensingtonCleaners to send cleaners round to all the houses to make sure that everything was clean and tidy on a regular basis, and then there was much less to sort out when the students would leave at the end of the year. I am very pleased to have found these cleaners.
Stefan E.05/11/2014
     End of tenancy cleaning was something I was not looking forward to when we were moving out of our place last month. With all the hassle of the move and sorting out our new place my husband and I did not think we would have the time to do it. So we contacted WestKensingtonCleaners and explained our situation. They sent us a couple of cleaners who were polite, professional and really hard working. They got the place looking absolutely perfect in time for us to leave. I highly recommend this service!
     Here's the situation I was in when I hired WestKensingtonCleaners. I needed a professional cleaner to help me around the house because I'm getting on in years. It's something that I've had to come to terms with because my grand-daughter had to move out recently, and she was the one who helped me in the past. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, because my budget is tight as it is, but I had nothing to worry about. This company was fantastic and wasn't expensive in the slightest. They dusted all of the high places, and hoovered the tight corners of my home, and did a marvelous job while they were at it. They were simply terrific, they took a load off my mind!
L. Harold29/08/2014
     I'm very glad I ended up using WestKensingtonCleaners because the cleaners you sent me over the past couple of months have helped me out no end. To be honest I was in two minds whether to hire a cleaner at all because it seemed a bit of an extravagance but as it turned out the price I pay is very reasonable in my opinion. I only have a cleaner coming once a week but it's made such a difference even having that. I'm planning to use the services of this company for some time to come because I can see the difference in how clean my house is immediately after my cleaner has been.
Ben Williamson13/08/2014
     You can try as hard as you like, but it is nigh on impossible to get your home looking as good as WestKensingtonCleaners can. They are always impressive in terms of how easily they make my house look perfect, and I am always happy to hand over the money at the end of the clean. The price is good as well, which sweeten the deal in a big way! With them about, I have much more time to get things done on my own terms, which makes for a much less stressful time in general.
Kathy Bailey31/07/2014
     I haven't had a lot of time recently but thanks to WestKensingtonCleaners I've been able to live in a tidy, well-organised, fresh and clean home. It really makes a difference to have a professional cleaner really give the bathroom and kitchen a good clean on a regular basis- as well as cleaning the oven with skill and diligence. With their years of experience in the trade they have clearly amassed a huge base of knowledge which means they can produce brilliant work in no time with all of the best cleaning products and techniques. Could not recommend them any more highly.
Andrew Garvey30/06/2014
     My house has never looked so clean since I had a marvelous cleaning company cleaned it for me. I was finding it hard to find enough time to do a deep clean, especially the bathroom and kitchen. The jobs were building up and parts were getting grubby. So I booked an appointment with WestKensingtonCleaners and got it sorted, and the cleaners did a wonderful job. They completely cleaned the entire place, scrubbing, mopping, sweeping and polishing until it all gleamed with cleanliness. The cost was affordable too. I will certainly be using them again I was so happy with the result.
Josephine Clark12/06/2014
     I use WestKensingtonCleaners cleaning company on a regular basis for both domestic and commercial use. I run my own business so have a work unit and office that needs cleaning, as well as my home. I simply don't have enough time to do the cleaning myself and this company is first class in my opinion. I have different services depending on the mess that builds up. The employees are professional and hardworking. The costs are affordable and certainly worth every penny. The workers are polite and helpful and get on with what I want doing. I would suggest anyone needing cleaning assistance to hire this company.
Kylie F.26/05/2014
     Having only ever used one other cleaning service, I am pleased to say that WestKensingtonCleaners are a vast improvement! I don't really know what I was doing with the other lot, having used these guys! Seriously, they are a wonderful group of people, and very nice to have around the house. They give a great clean, and never seem to be anything but chirpy about their work, which is a lovely change from some of the sullen cleaners that I have had in the past. I will be recommending them to all of my friends, and hope that they can benefit like I have!
Judith Tyler29/04/2014
     It's probably too dramatic to say that WestKensingtonCleaners saved my life, but they've definitely saved me from having to clean my house! I work and I look after my children and husband, which means that finding free time for myself is a rarity that I don't often see. I hated having to spend my precious spare hours cleaning the house when I should have been spending time with my family, but I wasn't sure what to do about it. A friend suggested I hire a professional cleaner and I don't know how I would have coped without doing so! This is a fantastic company that have given me all of the help I needed for a cleaner house - I'm very impressed!
Jane P.17/04/2014
     As a mother of 3 children aged 2 to 6 I sure do have my work cut out. One day my children thought it would be a great idea to play cooking on the living room carpet (of course this happened under my husband's supervision - typical). My near new carpet had all sorts of stains on it which I couldn't remove. However, WestKensingtonCleaners took care of them in no time. My carpet looks as good as new and it didn't even take them a very long time! I was even more pleased when I saw the small number on the invoice.
Danielle J.27/03/2014
     Wow, what a cleaning company! I don't write online reviews unless a company or service has really impressed me, but WestKensingtonCleaners definitely did that and they managed to exceed my expectations! My cleaner was very swift and got through every single room in my house in no time at all, but it was the level of cleanliness that really impressed me! Everything - and I mean everything! - was gleaming and sparklingly clean. I was blown away by how great this company is and I've even turned a few friends onto it! Thank you for turning my life around for me!