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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Mold Removal Service
12Nov 2014
Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Mold Removal ServiceDoes your new apartment smell musty and mildew? It could be very well possible that your house is infested with mold. Mold spores are microscopic, present everywhere and generally harmless but some people, especially children and the elderly, might have allergic reactions to them, causing skin irritation and breathing difficulties. Domestic cleaning tips found on the internet may suggest using bleach and vinegar to remove mold from you house on your own, however it is highly recommended that you call in a cleaning company to handle the situation. Professional cleaners will not only test for the presence of mold, but remove it in a way that recurrence will be minimized. When to check for mold?•    When buying a houseBefore you move into a new house or office, you should have the property assessed for mold by a mold inspector. The extent of damage might lessen the property value for you and will affect the way you solve the problem. Sometimes, the house may need some plumbing repairs whereas other times, the repair may be expensive, like bringing down the drywall or stripping wallpaper. If you are not willing to invest that much money and time, it is best to know of the problem beforehand. •    When selling a houseIf you are selling the house and conducting the moving out cleaning, you should have it tested for mold before you put it on the market. If a prospective buyer comes across mold during the mandated inspections, it will lessen the value of the property and jeopardize the deal.•    When house smells mustyTell-tale signs of mold in the house are the appearance of a musty smell accompanied by green growth in damp areas such as bathroom walls, shower curtains etc. What will the mold removal service do?Presence of mold is usually a sign of a bigger problem in the house, such as bad ventilation or broken plumbing. Essentially, the mold removal service will do the following things – -test the air and interiors for presence of mold and spores.-identify the source of the problem. -determine the scope of work and provide an estimate for the job.If you choose to continue with their services, they will --thoroughly clean the house and remove mold.-Deodorize the pungent, mildew smell.- Ensure that recurrence is minimized. Note: It is not possible to completely sterilize a home from mold spores. What cleaning companies do is reduce the presence below levels that affect humans adversely.Tips on hiring the right companyMost cleaning agencies who offer mold inspection and remediation services will have the suitable expertise and technology to handle all kinds of mold removal jobs, but here are some tips on how to pick the right deal for you.•    Some companies offer free inspection of the property and offer an estimate cost. Get an idea of the scope of work needed and a quote from more than one contractor and compare them before you fix on a service.•    You might want to employ two different cleaning companies for assessment and removal in order to avoid clash of interests. As such you must insist on a full, written inspection report that includes the areas inspected and cause of mold growth.•    In order to ensure that the work abides by the standards for house safety and air quality, hire only accredited cleaning companies that show the specific certification.•    Before hiring, review the agency’s past performance by reading the online reviews on the company from previous clients or check with the Customer Protection Bureau for complaints.

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