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Places you Regularly Forget to Clean
12Jun 2014
Places you Regularly Forget to CleanWhen doing the regular clean, it is quite easy to get into a habit or a routine of cleaning certain places and therefore leaving out others. This does not mean that every single house clean you undertake needs to be the sort of intensive deep end of tenancy cleaning you would do if you were moving out, but nevertheless, the more a certain place is neglected then the more dust and dirt can build up there and the harder it is to clean when you finally get round to remembering. If you just incorporate these places into your domestic cleaning routine then there is no reason for you to start getting hung up on how much longer cleaning will now take you. Tops – of everything: Even if you can’t reach the tops of cupboards bookcases and the like, it is a worthwhile investment to get a dusting implement that can. You will be surprised by just how much dust can settle there in a relatively short space of time so it would definitely be worth your while to keep it a minimum when you can. If you really don’t want to invest then stand on a chair with your regular dusting implement and you can see the dust build up for yourself. Lampshades: Though this probably comes into the tops of everything category it is worth paying special attention to your lampshade. As ever, dust before you hoover so that you don’t end up having to hoover twice after you have dislodged all this lampshade dust and it has floated down to your newly clean carpet. You don’t want to discover all this dust when trying to get a moth away from your light bulb only to shake the lampshade and suddenly give yourself an almighty coughing fit. Upholstery Cleaning: You might give the sofa cushions a quick beat on your way past and you might even use one of the hoover attachments to get right in around the sofa legs but do you actually take the cushions off and hoover up the pizza remains and countless hairgrips that have somehow found a place between the cushions themselves? It is often a great place to find the loose change which has fallen out of the pockets of the people sitting on the sofa too, so if you want to get paid to clean your own home; try a bit of sofa cleaning. Blinds: Cleaning a room with the blinds down might seem a little counter intuitive but how else are you meant to clean between the slats of a blind? This is a place that often people have good intentions of cleaning but what you can’t see won’t hurt you and often when the blinds are down it is dark, the slats are not open and you cannot see the filmy layer of dust which has taken up residence on your venetians. Skirting Board: Just as the top of the room is so often neglected, so is the bottom – or the bottom of the wall in particular. The lip of the skirting board is a perfect place for dust to settle and a layer of grey dust here in an otherwise sparkling room will instantly draw the eye and make the whole room look dirtier. Hopefully these little tips will ensure that, on all of your home cleaning adventures, all the rooms really do turn out as clean as you intended them to be. Also, if you are looking out for these places which you had previously neglected – perhaps you will spot others too and your room will be clean beyond your wildest dreams.

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